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30 May - 28 June 2014


Burak Ata, SABO and Toygun Özdemir’s group show Parlor Party will be at Tankut Aykut between May 30th and June 28th, 2014. The opening will be on Thursday, May 29th, at 18:30.


Burak, SABO and Toygun’s friendship started during their student years at Mimar Sinan University’s Painting Department, and has evolved into a series of collective works and presentations. Memory and transformation are common themes in their paintings, installations and video works to be featured in their first exhibition at Tankut Aykut.


In his series 36 Views of Gökova, Burak Ata reproduces the silhouette of Gökova using 36 different techniques and materials on canvasses of the same size. The series suggests a resistance to the vanishing memories of adolescence, an could be thought of as an exercise in remembering the fading images of youth using different techniques, combined with a pleasure derived from recreating memories through transforming them.

In his series B. File Detainees, SABO documents cases of missing persons and violence in an unknown territory. In chronotophes that evoke a variety of fantasies, SABO looks at faceless individuals who have become objects of violence and gives them identities in his portraits. The traces on his wall installation help us witness the past of a group of individuals.


Toygun Özdemir’s paintings and video works bring together images he has collected from his travels. His paintings are landscape abstractions in line with abstract expressionism, that aim to capture the resulting motion caused by rapid transit technologies by effectively freezing overlapping landscapes in a single frame and crystallizing travel memories.


Gallery Tankut Aykut

Video by: Toygun Özdemir

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