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Signs of Time 



13 May - 10 June 2017


Artists: Sena, SABO, Huo Rf, Ecem Yuksel, Burak Ata


Signs of Time presents an installation made of handmade paper for the exhibition BAHAR ( The Istanbul Off-site Project For Sharjah Biennial 13 ). The collective production and collaboration of the artists transforms into a collage made of paper. The conversations of the group of artists who got together regularly for two months turns into a surface. Used papers, newspapers, magazines, grain, seed, clay, pulse, water, glue, vegetables, plants, leaves, interventions on already produced papers and writings become a new production as the artists' materials.


- Kagit means paper in Turkish and the title of the work has been inspired by its pronunciation in different dialects.


Paper is a multi-purpose material, which can be used in many areas. It is most commonly used as a writing and a printing tool, but it is also used in industrial and construction sectors, as a cleaning and packaging material and as a food additive in some of the Asian cultures.
Since paper is mostly used as a printing tool, it is also referred as a document. Besides, those materials used in stock market, such as bills or stocks can also be named as paper. It is also common to refer to a banknote as paper. 


Turkish translation of paper, ‘kağıt’ has its origin in Farsi, and the word is pronounced differently in various subdialects in Turkey. For exampe, “k'aad” in Rize, “kaat” in Ordu and its surroundings, and “kayit” in the South-west part of Anatolia. 



Signs of Time, an artist collective, will be at Abud Effendi Mansion with their installation, K’AAD, KAAT, KAYIT, KAGIT, with which they elaborated on the term paper.âğıt 


Curated by: Zeynep Oz

Photo by: Nazlı Erdemirel

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