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Signs of Time




Artists: Huo RF, Sena, Merve Morkoç, Burak Ata, SABO, Burak Dak

25 April 2014

An Artist needs only an artist to survive


It is not a coincidence ‘Signs of Time’ is standing by itself as an artist initiative with the support of only by artists. Realised its first exhibition at Galerist on 2013 July with the collaboration of artists HUO Rf, Merve Morkoç and Sena, the artist group’s existence in the contemporary art scene has an important aspect. Because today, this group shows us  it is possible to stand alone with the support only by themselves. On the other hand, Signs of Time also reveals that it is possible that an artist is capable of standing alone and creating. In signs of Time team, artists can curate and evaluate their shows, while they can also find galleries and venues to display their works. This is the total opposite attitude of an artist, who is attached to a gallery. With this attitude, the Signs of Time artists are supporting their own artistic development in freedom and this is the most important aspect of this group. Today, it is a vital need for contemporary art scene, to witness such a group, which consists of artists who are self-sufficient for their own creation. This approach gives artists freedom and this freedom also brings an environment that many Turkish artists are willing to live in. On the other hand, the group also gives us a brief point of view on the evaluation of artists’ works created in a free environment. As a result, Signs of Time proves us that an artist needs only an artist to survive and create.


At first, the project came to life when the three young artists, who are supported by Taner Ceylan, came together to create a common platform expressing their artistic beliefs and their anxieties. However, today it convinces that it is more than a project and let the artists to reach their goal, which is to declare their independence in light of the change that is taking hold of their generation and heralding a new era. The artist group shows us that it is not necessary to be attached to a gallery to display their works to public and by this, they open a new era to evaluate the free creation of art works.The new era of Signs of Time continues with a new exhibition and with new names, such as Burak Dak, Burak Ata and SABO. 


Hatice Utkan

Adahan Istanbul Gallery -1

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